Heidi Newton

Heidi grew up on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and Santa Cruz. You can tell from her surf-skate style that she spends time in the water. Her blond hair/ wife beater combo compliments her Nor Cal style, her fast and fluid lines shows that she’s no jock. She’s the only skater I know who has managed to get a doctorate degree despite her true love for skateboarding. She has a huge heart for the young groms, teaching and throwing events for the girls. She is well known in world of women’s skateboarding, not only for her talent on a board but as a host to Girls Riders Organization (GRO) and even hosts one of the Bay Area’s only Annual All-Girls Skate Contest for the City of San Jose.

Heidi is well traveled so keep an eye out for Heidi’s smooth style at your local spot.