Ted Terrebonne

Who is Ted Terrebonne you ask? Not only is he a friend, a rad person, an old school skater, but he also happens to be someone that has captured some of the most legendary skate images this world has to offer. Ted worked for Skateboarder Magazine in the late 70’s, documenting what many say as to be, the most important years of skate history. If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen his images, weather you knew they were his or not. He documented the Nor Cal Skate Scene throughout it’s conception, and was a key part in exposing the often neglected Nor Cal skate movement. Almost every one of the original Independent Truck Ads featured his photos.

I remember the days when Ted would drive Keith Meek, Scott Foss and “Stevie” Caballero to all the best skate spots, to meet up with all the other rippers, to get the best shots he could. He was always around back in the day, documenting all the heavy sessions. He was always good to go on long road trips to contests, or where ever the real action was going down.

In the late 70’s Ted aslo got into shooting the new Punk Movement, and to this day is still doing photo sessions with bands like, Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards, US Bombs, Lemmy from Motorhead, Dresdon Dolls, etc.

So check out some of Ted’s work, I’m sure the words “no way, he took that photo” will cross your mind.